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Lecture | Information Evening Part 1 - Pregnancy

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This information evening is for women or couples right from the start of the pregnancy without any time constrictions. To become a parent demands very early on a lot of important decisions (where to give birth, prenatal checks,…) and many wish some kind of guiding so they don`t miss important things. We will talk about:

  • Changes of the body, emotional states over the course of the pregnancy
  • Midwife care during pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • Guidance for decision making where to give birth
  • A short overview about the possibilities of prenatal exams (prenatal diagnosis)
  • What do do or not to do during pregnancy (sport, nutritioin,…)
  • Possibilities of antenatal classes

Depending on the pregnancy week you are in, can the topics vary. We always try to go into detail regarding your specific questions.


free, we are happy about donations

  • in English - every three months (online)

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